IT GIRL – Sneak peek #2

itgirl“I think I made a big mistake.” With three hours to go, it was too late to cancel.

Ashleigh whistled and twirled her finger as an order for Caitlin to spin and give her audience a 360-degree view. “No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you,” her friend said. “You look gorgeous.”

Sydney twirled her finger in the other direction and Caitlin obliged her with another turn. “Ash is right. You look perfect. Dammit. I wish I could wear that color.”

“It’s not the dress. It’s Sean,” Caitlin said. “I shouldn’t have said yes.”

“Why not?” Ashleigh asked.

“Because he’s a horn-dog who goes after anything in a skirt. He caught me in a moment of weakness.”

“He was wearing his toga, wasn’t he?” Sydney asked, as if she knew the answer.

“Yes,” Caitlin admitted slowly, although she hadn’t thought about it at the time.

“It’s always the toga,” Ashleigh said. “They’re like Kryptonite to women. We see the thighs and the chest and the arms—”

“Oh, the arms,” Sydney interrupted with a sigh.

“—and our brains shut down,” Ashleigh finished. “I think they know and use the togas against us.”


Coming January 25th!