I do

Well, I didn’t. Two really good friends did. Weddings are awesome. You get to dress up and go see beautiful women (all brides are beautiful) and handsome men (they’re all in suits) stand at the front of the room and give everybody a happy-every-after. Then there is food and drink and dancing. You can’t get a much more perfect day than that. To top if off for these particular friends, the weather co-operated. For the second weekend in October, it was sunny and unusually warm. It was a bit windy but if they wanted outdoor pictures, they could have their choice of fall backdrops. I can’t wait to see the photos.

I’ve known the groom for fourteen years and the bride for eleven. And I still learned new things about them from the stories told by friends around the dinner tables, and from the speeches. I felt closer to them after the wedding than I did before, and I thought we were pretty good friends beforehand. I was honoured to be invited to be invited to the ceremony and to have the chance to become even closer to the couple.

Weddings renew my faith in people and relationships and families. It’s so common to hear about break-ups and separations and divorces. It’s nice to see people coming together than heading out on their own. Besides, I’m a romance writer at heart. I’m all about soul mates and finding the other half of your heart. I believe in happy endings and the fact that two friends got theirs makes me want to sing. (I like you so I’ll refrain.)

The next time you get a wedding invitation, don’t think of whether or not it’s convenient, or how much the babysitter cost. People have asked you to share one of the most important days of their lives with you. Just do it.

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