Fast Five with Tami Lund

intothelight_CoverI invited my fellow romance writer Tami Lund over for a quick meet-and-greet and to talk about her new book Into the Light. Here’s what happened.

1. Wine: red or white?

Cheat answer, but since I agree with you I’ll let this one go 🙂

2. What are you doing for your summer vacation?
Going back to the area where we vacationed in 2009, which inspired me to write The Resort series. A bunch of gorgeous, sandy bottom lakes, all connected by rivers large enough to cruise on in pontoon boats. I wish I could live there, but since I can’t, my characters do.

Sounds like a heavenly summer retreat. Wish I were there now.

3. What is your favourite part of the writing process?
Having the time to actually do it, for more than half an hour at a time. By this I mean, free of distractions such as children, a dirty house, and the husband. The dog and wine can stay.

4. What is your favourite non-writing/author blog or website? – it’s my Pinterest. Besides my urge to purchase something every time I visit, they have hilarious Facebook posts. Even if you don’t live in Detroit. Although, if you live in Ohio, probably not so much.

5. If you could co-write a story with any author (living or dead) who would you pick?

Katie MacAlister. She probably already thinks I stalk her, so it’s okay to say this. Although she did follow me back on Twitter recently, so it’s her own fault.

Tell us about your book, Into the Light:

Shifters dominate the human world, while Lightbearers stay hidden away in their magically protected coterie. That is, until Olivia Bennett, princess of the Lightbearers, is captured by the most powerful shifter of them all—Quentin Lyons, who believes that to kill a Lightbearer is to inherit her magic.

His son, Tanner, doesn’t believe his father’s theory. In the ultimate betrayal, Tanner rescues Olivia and vows to return her to her home. Along the way, he discovers two other Lightbearers who have left the safety of the coterie, not to mention an attraction to the Lightbearer princess that becomes increasingly more difficult to ignore with each hour he spends in her company.

The attraction makes no sense. Lightbearers and shifters have been mortal enemies since the dawn of time. He’s supposed to feel the urge to kill her, not … well, you know.

Despite shifters who are out to kill them and Lightbearers who don’t trust them, Tanner and Olivia decide to take the chance and give in to their mutual attraction, only to discover that Olivia’s destiny has been predetermined, and it doesn’t include her shifter lover. They must decide if they are willing to risk it all, or if they can walk away from true love for the sake of the Lightbearer species.

Where can we find it?

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Liquid Silver Books , Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Goodreads 

Tami Lund Headshot 2014Bio:

Tami Lund is a romance author with an obsession. Books are her obsession. Writing them, reading them, sharing them. She can’t get enough. She reads just about anything, even books without happy endings. She writes contemporary and paranormal romance because, in whichever world she is writing about, she believes the good guys deserve a happily ever after.
Tami has published multiple books, which can be found on her website, A couple of those books have won awards, including The Resort, which won third place in the Great Expectations Contest hosted by the North Texas Romance Writers of America. The paranormal romance just released through Liquid Silver Books, Into the Light, won first place in the On The Far Side Contest, which is hosted by the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA.
Tami loves it when fans stalk her through social media. She’s there, just about everywhere. Simply search Tami Lund Author and follow/tweet/fan/friend her to keep up with the latest news.

Thanks for having me today! This was loads of fun!

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