Fast Five with Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo, another Liquid Silver author, has a new release today and she agreed to stop by for a few questions and to discuss her new book.

Hi, Rosanna.  Here we go.


  1. 1.    If you could turn any book currently on your bookshelf (paper or digital) into a movie, which book would it be and which character would you play?


Ooh, that’s a great question! I know they’ve been done to death, but I would love to play Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera” or Eponine in “Les Miserables!” I grew up loving singing and have been a classical singer myself, so those are my dream roles. However, if we’re trying for something new, I’d love to play Holly in Maya Banks’s “Colters’ Woman!” That book is my fave go-to fantasy! I would love to be the meat in a Colter brothers sandwich!! LOL.


2.    What was your favourite book as a child?


Hands down, the Narnia Chronicles! And I still love them. I was a very nerdy kid, and was to taken by the Narnia books, I tried to escape there several times. I tried to disappear into Narnia through my tiny bedroom closet. It didn’t quite work. I was convinced it was because I was using a closet, rather than a wardrobe! Yeah, young Rosanna, that was the reason!


3.    What are the last two books you recommended to friends?


Pauline Allan has written a wonderful, sexy book called “See Me.” I love her broken hero and heroine and how they find redemption in each other, not to mention some very naughty scenes! I also love “Lovers Moan” by Savannah Chase! That girl can write! Even though “Lovers Moan” is a short read, it’s sexy and interesting.


4.    You cable goes out. What genre is the DVD you decide to watch instead?


As predictable as it sounds, I’ll probably throw on the Colin Firth “Pride and Prejudice.” Best. Version. Ever. I work at a library and there are three women there, including myself, who have rather unhealthy crushes on Mr. Firth. We all tease each other by calling ourselves the “Real Mrs. Firth!” But, if that doesn’t play, I would likely through on something romantic that tears my heart out!


Everyone should watch Mr. Darcy come out of that pond at least once. 🙂


5.    You get to pick the restaurant. Where do you go and what do you order?


Nice question! I’m not much of a fancy pants, but there is one meal in my life that really stands out. Years ago in Toronto, there was a little Italian restaurant that no longer exists. I forget the name but it was right downtown. In that place, I had the Rose Petal Risotto. It was a piece of heaven! A rich rice dish flavored by real rose petals. It was the most miraculous, delicious thing I’ve ever had. If I could replicate that meal, I’d be over the moon! But seeing as I can’t, I’ll take a big burger anyday!

One last question: what can you tell me about your new book?

I wrote Up In Flames when I realized that women go absolutely crazy for firemen!  And I’m one of them!  It occurred to me that it might be interesting to pit a hot fire chief against a stubborn beauty who has grown to despise the firefighter uniform, because of how she was once treated by these men in uniform.  It was a lot of fun writing this book and watching the sparks fly between my hero and heroine.  I hope you’ll enjoy it too.  It’s a tale of sizzling desire, betrayal and learning how to trust again…

Juliet Baker is not looking forward to coming home after six months. Yes, the fiery brunette wants to make a go of turning her parents’ farmhouse into a B&B. She’s just not looking forward to seeing the place where they died. To make things worse, she knows she’ll finally have to face her cheating, firefighter ex-boyfriend.

Luckily, her sister has found Jules a boarder. Easy money, right? Not when she realizes the boarder is Captain Shane Gaskill. Not only is Shane a firefighter, he’s the town’s hot new fire captain.

Jules is determined to hate all firefighters. After all, the men of that precious brotherhood protected her cheating ex. Shane, however, proves he’s different from the start. He’s protective and kind, and she can’t stop looking at his smoking, Viking-hot body. She learns, though, that Shane isn’t so willing to love again either. He’s been hurt, too. They both fight the sexual chemistry, and resulting tenderness, between them. But when a stalker begins to target Jules, they realize they can’t fight their desire forever.

As the threats escalate, Shane and Jules are thrown together. The resulting passion overwhelms them. But are they willing to trust each other and surrender to the flames of love?

Thanks, Rosanna!


ROSANNA LEO:   I am a married mom of two wonderful boys who has been obsessed with romance literature ever since I read Jane Eyre in grade six.  Since then, I have been a sucker for a roguish smile, a knowing eye and an alpha male!

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and still live nearby.  I write every chance I get, and my head is filled with stories of Greek gods, vampires, and ethereally beautiful creatures.  I tried getting to Narnia through my bedroom closet when I was a kid, but that didn’t work, so I started writing novels.

I am absolutely thrilled that Liquid Silver Books has picked up my first three novels, and look forward to submitting many more.  You can reach my fabulous publisher at and my at my blog.