Fast Five: Nulli Para Ora and “Still the One”


Today I’m hosting the last contributor to “Beneath a Spring Moon”, a smokin’ hot shifter romance collection from Liquid Silver Books.  Nulli has been writing up a storm lately but she popped over to answer a few questions about her story.

1. What animal did you choose for your shifter and why?

I chose bears because I loved the idea of working with them in tandem with the spring theme. I also like some of the dynamics in the way bears interact with each other after hibernation. I have a werewolf series. Bears were a chance to show a different kind of shifter interaction.

*fist bump* Bears rock.

2. You cable goes out – what DVD do you put in?

None. I’m usually writing, so I probably wouldn’t notice the cable going out. I don’t watch very much television, maybe one show per week. 🙂

3. What is your favourite line/snippet from your story?

His voice seemed far away when he spoke, but she managed to make out his words. “I’ll never let you choose another.” It was the last thing she heard before her senses turned off.

4. What is your experience writing paranormal stories?

Have you written other? So far, all of my published books are paranormal. I love playing with this genre. I like to take a few familiar things and add my own twists. Sometimes, I make up my own paranormals, which is what I did in my book, Waves of Change. I’m really new to reading romance, and haven’t read any bear shifter stories so far, so I wanted to tell my version of how bears would live and interact.

5. Cavemen or astronauts?

Definitely astronauts. I live in a world with deodorant, toothbrushes, combs, running water, and daily bathing. I’d like to keep it that way.  🙂


Nulli Para Ora says:

I’m a romance author who writes in multiple genres. A lover of languages, anime, martial arts, video games, nature, and music, I am inspired by everything from the profound to the mundane.

Whether it’s crafting a new realm, an alien planet, a new species, or an alternate reality, you can always count on twists and turns in my tales. Love can be irrational, undeniable, blissful, erotic, and sometimes frustrating, but it is also universal, binding hearts across cultures and time. Step into one of my worlds and stay awhile.

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Twitter: @NulliParaOra



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