Fast Five: Lynn Tyler and “Spring Mates”

beneathaspringmoonLynn Tyler, a fellow Canuck and a fellow contributor to “Beneath a Spring Moon”, has agreed to stop by and talk about “Spring Mates”.

Mating season. The time when a young man’s heart turns to creating a permanent bond with the one he loves. At least, in theory. But Adam seems to have no interest in mating with Cullen, though they’ve been together for years. Cullen can’t even take comfort in sure knowledge of Adam’s feelings for him—though they’ve been together for years, Adam has yet to say the words “I love you.”

Adam’s parents screwed up when they mated. The bond forged by the mating bite, supposed to be a way for mates to share their love and devotion, became a conduit for their hatred and bitterness. He won’t do that to someone he loves, or to himself. Cullen seems to understand, which is one of the things Adam loves about the man.

But Cullen doesn’t understand, and Adam’s forced to decide if he’s strong enough to face his fears for the man he loves. Will the two men find common ground or will the increasing distance between them pry the lovers apart?

So how did “Spring Mates” come to be?

1.        What animal did you choose for your shifter and why?

 I chose a wolf, because…well, honestly, when I was sketching out the story, the characters came through as wolves. I don’t deviate much from what I originally see, since then I tend to get stuck.

2.        Where did you set your story and why?

Spring Mates is set in Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada. Since it’s part of a series, I needed it to be where the first book took place.

3.       If you got to re-experience the best meal you ever had, what was it and where did you have it? 

I would recreate the meal I had at my friend’s wedding. So many times, by the time you get your food at a wedding, it’s cold. Even though we were at the last table served, it was piping hot. And the spanikopita? To die for. It’s my new standard.

I hear you. The best cheesecake I ever had was at a wedding.

4.      You cable goes out – what DVD do you put in?

Magic Mike. No explanation needed.

LOL – it’s really not. We all understand completely.

5.      What is your experience writing paranormal stories? Have you written other? 

Spring Mates was technically my second paranormal romance story. Called to Mate was the first. However, I have written quite a few erotic romances that lean toward the sci-fi vein.

And because it’s my blog and I can ask more than five questions if I want to… 

6.       Cavemen or astronauts?

Both! I’ve written two books about warrior aliens. They are just so yummy to write. Smart enough to travel through space but still caveman enough to dominate.

I have GOT to read those next!

Lynn Tyler was born and raised in Southern Ontario and still calls it home today. She married her first and only boyfriend and now they have two beautiful, very active children.

When not writing, Lynn can be found engrossed in her e-reader, and is seriously considering starting a campaign to make chocolate its own food group.

Find out more about her and her books at