Fast Five: Becca Jameson and “Tessa’s Wolf”

I’m thrilled that my fellow collection author Becca Jameson has dropped in for a quick interview to discuss her short story “Tessa’s Wolf”.

beneathaspringmoonTESSA’S WOLF – Fate determines who a wolf-shifter’s mate is. Tessa just hopes she has enough time before she meets him to have her own life. She’s seen how it goes for her friends—each of them submitting to their mate and becoming consumed in their new life without ever looking back. That won’t be her. 

Aaron Garrett is the new vet in town. New job. New home. New life. Although he wasn’t planning on meeting his mate, he’s ready to give in to fate the instant he scents her. 

Unfortunately, Tessa’s determined to prove her will is stronger than the passion between them. To have her own life, she’s willing to fight Aaron, the heat between them, and fate itself. 

But fate has a way of bending things to Her will…

Available at Liquid Silver Books, Amazon, ARe (All Romance Ebooks), and other e-tailers soon.

Becca, let’s do five quick questions.

1. What animal did you choose for your shifter?

I love my wolves. I guess when I first started writing wolf shifters it didn’t even occur to me to use another animal! I was on the wings of Twilight perhaps… Now I can’t stop. Sure, some authors use other animals, but I just haven’t ventured away from my wolfies yet! They seem perfect–strong, wild, free, dominant by nature…

2. What is your favourite line/snipped from your story?

(I just love this part when the hero knows he scented his mate and then that moment of concern when he fears she is a child…)

“She’s kinda young for you, son,” Richard muttered. The man removed his hat and slapped it on his leg. He glared at Aaron, but didn’t appear on the edge of rage. “Are you sure?”

“How old?” Aaron held his breath for a beat. God in heaven, please don’t tell me I’ve been fated to fall for a twelve-year-old girl.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. She’s not that young. She’ll be twenty-three next month.” Richard actually smiled now.

“Damn.” He glanced around. “I’d hoped for more time. She isn’t going to like this.”

3. Where did you set your story?

All of the books in this series are set outside Corvallis, OR. I wanted open land, a college town, and a dairy farm! I basically closed my eyes and let my finger land on the map. Okay, not really, but almost.

4. What is your experience writing paranormal stories? Have you written others?

Paranormal Romance seems to be the hottest thing going right now. One reason I love to write paranormal is because it’s so much easier to get the hero in bed with the heroine and have it believable! There’s that whole fated, mated, claimed thing that lures the couples (or menages!) together and avoids the problem of why on earth anyone would jump into bed that fast! I have written several contemporary romances. My favorite book is Out of the Smoke, but for some reason that just doesn’t appeal to others as much. Not sure why, but who am I to question? Hehe

5. Cavemen or astronauts?

Cavemen probably. I like things a little simple. Real. Down to earth. Something people can relate to. Who can relate to an astronaut? Anyone whose ever met a man can relate to cavemen… Did I say that out loud? Lol

And because it’s my blog, I’m going to ask a sixth question. Why do you keep writing so many wolf books?

Because the fans demand them! Honestly, I wrote just one book, Kara’s Wolves, and it did so well and people demanded more, so I turned that into a series. It wasn’t difficult considering there were four brothers. Although Tessa’s Wolf stands alone, she is the oldest sister of the four brothers in that series: Wolf Masters. The snowball of that series turned into four full books and then this short story.

People were sad when the series started wrapping up, so I started another series, the Durham Wolves. The first book in that series came out in March, Rescue in the Smokies, and two others will be out later this year with Samhain Publishing.

I have other books, several contemporary, but they aren’t as fun to write and they don’t sell as well, so I started a new wolf series this week! It will probably debut late this year. No rest for the wolf writers… 🙂


Becca Jameson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two kids. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, editing, scrapbooking, running, swimming, biking, or taxiing kids all over creation. She doesn’t sleep much…or sit down often…but she loves to be busy! Unlike many other authors, Becca had never written a single word until a few years ago. After enjoying several years on the editing side of the business, Becca decided to give writing a try. Now she can’t stop! And the voices in her head are clamoring to get out faster than she can get them onto “paper”! Still experimenting with both contemporary and paranormal genres, there is no telling what she may come up with next.  Find her at or follow her on Twitter @beccajameson or on Facebook/ Becca Jameson.

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  2. Eva Lefoy

    Sounds like a great story. Yes, we wouldn’t have many hot shifter romances if the mate was under 18. Can’t imagine why not… 🙂 Good luck on the anthology.

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