Not the responsibility kind of duty. The tax kind.

I recently went on my first cross-border shopping trip to Fargo in over a decade. My observations about driving from Winnipeg to Fargo include.

1. There are two ten-mile (16 km) sections of highway under construction, one on either side of the border. That’s a lot of construction.

2. Just after Morris, MB the speed limit increases from 100 km/h to 110 km/h. That’s not much but it is noticeable. Once you cross the border it jumps to 75 mph, which is 120 km/h. That is very noticeable. I have decided I don’t enjoy driving that fast, at least not in my lightweight Mazda 3.

3. Winnipeg needs a Chili’s restaurant.

4. And a Chico’s ladies wear store.

5. Thank goodness they raised the duty-free limit to $800 if you stay for longer than 48 hours. Note to self – get a bigger trunk next time.

6. Make sure you look at the clock when you cross the border. I was praying the cars in front of me had problems because I timed it too close. My time in the US – 48 hours, 15 seconds.

7. You can bring back cold viruses duty-free. When the border guards asked what I was bringing back, I was going to say “the plague” but with the Ebola scares going on right now, I decided silence was the better part of valour.

8. Travelling is wonderful but there is no place like home.