Don’t call me Mike Holmes

Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, maybe. He screwed things up, right?

So, I tried a home renovation project this week. Here’s a picture of my results:

I’m not a complete idiot. I know I’m a rookie at this type of thing. That’s why I’ve got two different handymen and a plumber on speed dial. But I was painting a shelf! How hard could it be?

Two years ago (yes, two, I was busy) I had a small bay window in my kitchen replaced and the bottom board which formed the “shelf” and the top piece that made the “ceiling” were both untreated plywood. I knew they had to be painted and I thought that white would look nice. Each area was about five square feet. I figured I could paint that myself. Since I intend to paint my bedroom later this fall, this would be good practice. Besides, it’s painting. How hard could it be?

I went out and bought a small tin of white trim paint for kitchens and bathrooms. Because, really, all the shelf and the ceiling are is trim. Then I got to work.

It didn’t work. In fact, the entire coat of paint was sucked into the plywood until nothing was left but a faint shine. Since I was pretty sure paint is supposed to go ON wood and not IN it, I picked up the paint can and read the instructions again. This time, I read the entire label, and found a line I missed.

“Apply to primer.”

Primer? Undercoat? Hmm. That sounds like it was an important step. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that I can’t simply apply another layer of paint to the wood. I have to sand off my first layer, put on a coat of primer, and then paint it again.

Tune in next week where I’ll learn how to sand!