Disney California Adventure

DSCF1107So right across the plaza at Disneyland is Disney California Adventure. Unfortunately, I spent most of the day at Disneyland proper and I didn’t know what to expect when I checked it out. People, give yourself extra time to check it out! It turns out DCA is very much about the new animated movies. In fact, the thing based on a live-action movie I saw was when the Newsies appeared during the parade.

By the way, it was totally cool that I caught a parade. The actors really know how to interact with the crowd, hence the picture of Woody taking a picture of me while I took a  picture of him. Jessie was on a trapeze-type bar on a moving float and looked like she was about to take flight.

DSCF1073Two rides I didn’t do were Paradise Park (a monster rollercoaster) and monster ferris wheel (where the cages are on tracks and slide around as the wheel revolves!). I did do a mini-rollercoaster called Goofy’s Flight School. It was precisely my speed. Other rides that were my speed were “The Little Mermaid Ride” and the “A Bug’s Life” show.  I’m not super-adventurous and with all the goodies there, I could say at almost any time “I just ate.”

DSCF1080There was also a really cool animation section. They even had a person drawing cartoons in the store, as well as technical displays that were very interesting. I mentioned the forced perspective in Disneyland. In DCA we had the street where the hero and heroine walk off into the sunset.

DSCF1079Looks pretty normal, right. Look again. It looks fine until you see that the sky changes colour. In the first picture, two of the buildings have pieces that stick out to give it three dimensions. The rest is all paint. These people are soooo talented, especially when you consider how recently computers came into filmmaking. It all used to be done by hand. It boggles the mind.

DSCF1114One of the reasons I went to DCA second is because in the evening they have something called the World of Water light show. Basically, there are a series of fountains in the huge lagoon in the middle of the park, and they are set up to continually have a wall of water up. Scenes from pretty much every Disney classic are projected onto the water screen and a soundtrack is played along with it. Before it starts, the ferris wheel is shut down so it can be part of the show. The show is stunning and highly recommended; you have to stay for it.

Well, that ends day one of my time in Los Angeles. I only had 3 full days there so I motored. Next time, Universal Studios…