Cuban MoonI’m very excited to announce that the second book in my Resort Romances series is out!

CUBAN MOON is out exclusively on Amazon. Everybody can check out a free sample of the story there. As part of the Amazon exclusive, Prime members can read it for free.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle Reading App – the link is at the top of the Amazon page. It makes Kindle e-books readable on your computer (Mac or PC), iPad or iPhone, and other devices.

Here’s a short excerpt from CUBAN MOON:

Hank wasn’t asleep. He’d heard Lisa the first time she’d said his name, but he wanted to hear her say it again in that sweet voice of hers. He’d fallen asleep briefly during the drive, but the first stop where passengers disembarked woke him. He figured if she knew he was awake, she would realize her leg had been pressed against his while she twisted to see everything passing outside her window.

He wasn’t surprised he’d dozed off. The direct flight had been hellacious. He’d been stuck next to the maid-of-honor the entire time. His brother was definitely going to pay for pre-booking that seat for him. With her mouth closed, Tiffany was pretty enough, but as soon as it opened… She could have been the most gorgeous woman on the planet and it wouldn’t have mattered. During the wedding preparations back home, she’d made it more than clear she was interesting in seeing if they were compatible in more than a wedding party relationship, preferably heading toward something long-term. He appeared to be someone who could support her high-maintenance lifestyle. Before they left the ground this morning, she’d hinted she’d be more than happy to hook up with him for the week if that’s all he were interested in. Hank might have been tempted for a quick fling if she’d held off her advances long enough for him to make a move, but she was on him like the last life preserver on the Titanic.

Lisa Kleyson had just been a name on the guest list until he saw her for the first time. The bride and her posse spoke of her like a buck-toothed, acne-scarred, geeky misfit who had to be invited to play with the popular kids because she was related. At the airport, he’d spotted a quiet, pretty brunette smiling at the departure screen and he’d been instantly smitten. She could have been going to any resort in Cuba, but when his brother’s future in-laws stopped to talk to her, he noticed the resemblance between the females. Since the sole Taylor-side relative who was coming was the cousin, he realized the woman must be Lisa. All of a sudden, the pity date he’d been assigned as a groomsman turned into a potentially agreeable assignation.

Finding out Lisa was as sweet as she looked was icing on the cake. It would be a relaxing option to hang out with someone who was not one of Amber’s cronies. Hank loved his brother, but Bobby’s choice in wives left much to be desired—especially considering this was his third attempt. The wedding party and guests were arriving on a Saturday and would be leaving in a week’s time. The wedding itself was scheduled for Tuesday. She could be a pleasant distraction the rest of the time.

Hank hauled Lisa’s suitcase into the lobby. He’d told her he’d help her take it upstairs, but his plan of attack got sidetracked when Amber and Tiffany pulled him over to the concierge desk dealing specifically with the wedding party. Amber informed Lisa that “regular guests” needed to wait in line with the other passengers from their flight to check in.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” he asked Bobby. He heard Amber and Tiffany trying to determine which suitcases held the wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses so Bobby wouldn’t see them. Considering the fact Amber and Bobby were booked into the same room for the whole time, Hank thought it was ridiculous to follow that particular tradition, but it wasn’t his wedding.

“Tonight? Nothing that I know of. We might try to find a bar, since it’s practically supper time. Sunday, the girls have something planned for everyone in the afternoon. Monday’s the rehearsal dinner. Then Tuesday—”

“Christ, I have to hang out with you on Tuesday too?” Hank interrupted.

“Shut up, you dumb shit.”

“Speaking of… Thanks so much for my seat assignment on the flight down.”

Bobby blushed. “Yeah, sorry. Amber arranged it.”

“How about you handle arrangements from now on, little brother?” Hank requested.

Bobby wasn’t a complete idiot. “Will do. Should I make arrangements with anyone in particular?”

Hank nodded at Lisa, who was handing her passport to the man on the other side of the reception desk.

“Are you sure? Amber says she’s a little boring, with no sense of humor.”

“No offense to your bride, but Amber thought Tiffany and me was a great idea.”

Hank winced. “Sorry. But Tiffany and I spoke on the plane and Lisa and I chatted on the bus and I would much rather do the latter than the former again.”

Bobby punched him in the arm, slightly harder than necessary. “I’ll see what I can do.”


Happy reading! And happy Labour Day weekend!