4 weeks of crochet

I decided that, since I’m going to spend a lot of the winter in front of the television, I should learn how to multi-task. So I took a quick, 4-week introduction to crochet class.

I LOVED it. I can’t stop. And I’m starting to build my own yarn stash. (This is apparently quite a common affliction among crocheters.

Here’s how my addiction happened.

Week 1 – We made a dishcloth to learn how to do all the stitches.






Week 2 – I used the stitches I learned to start this project on my own. It’s a lap blanket for my mom. It’s 2 rows of double cross-stitch and 2 rows of granny stitch. We won’t discuss the edges.









Week 3 – We learned how to make granny squares, and how to seam things together. I made this little purse for my niece. It’s just big enough for an iPhone and a couple other little things.









Week 4 – I made something for myself. This scarf is 300 stitches long – about 8 feet.






And now I need more yarn and projects!

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