Christmas to do list #2 – Wreath

I can’t have a traditional spruce wreath because I don’t have the space between my front and storm doors. This year, I saw a photo of a wreath that would fit and instead of just saying, “I could make that” I went ahead and made it.

This was the inspiration:

Christmas Decorations for the Unique! - Beautifully BellaFaith

And this was my version:







If I ever make another one, I will cut smaller cardboard rectangles/packages to wrap, but aside from that, I’m quite happy with it. Another wise crafter (okay, it was my dad) suggested this might work with Christmas cards too, so save yours for next year.) It is as simple as it looks. Start with a heavy cardboard base cut in a circle, cut squares and other shapes and wrap them with holiday paper and ribbons, and glue on the circle. I used plain old white Elmer’s glue and pressed down my packages with weights (and the Globe Illustrated Shakespeare – Complete and Annotated Works hardcover) to ensure a good bond. I was also advised by a florist never to use a glue gun if the craft will be hung outside because the glue will freeze and it will fall apart. Listen to the professionals, people.