Christmas Contest – All about the ornaments

I did not worship at the altar of Carrie Bradford (of Sex and the City fame) but I definitely associate the show with New York City. When I made my first visit to the Big Apple in 2012 the show had been off the air for eight years but it was too late; the impression was already set. So when I bought my traditional trip souvenir, I picked one that I felt would always remind me of New York City. It’s similar to this one:

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Christmas tree decoration. The first school is the design tree idea, where the lights and ornaments and ribbons are all colour coordinated. These trees look gorgeous and high classed and elegant.

The second school of thought is the one I subscribe to. My tree is the most colourful, mismatched, unprofessional sight of the Christmas season. I have old ornaments, new ornaments, scratched ornaments, repaired ornaments, and a huge box of one-offs that don’t match anything else and I love each and every one of them. Every two or three years, I get ambitious with Christmas baking and there are gingerbread men hanging from the branches. (Those may or may not make it to the 25th depending on how often I get the munchies while watching television in the evenings.)

Every ornament on my tree has a story. A lot of from my childhood but my most recent ones are from trips I’ve taken.  New York was the designer shoe. The Vancouver Aquarium is the mercury glass Nemo. Do I really have to explain the Mickey Mouse ears?
I love that my tree tells the story of my life.

All I need now is to get a stained glass ornament to remind me of Joanne Jaytanie and her book Christmas Reflections and the amazing experience of being part of the Forever Christmas collection. (Yes, Joanne, that is a hint!)

Today and tomorrow you can enjoy Candy Cane Kisses and Christmas Reflections for free on Amazon.

In the meantime, Joanne and I (and Sharon and Angela, the other amazing Forever Christmas authors) are doing an awesome giveaway so be sure to enter and tell your friends!

An autographed copy of Forever Christmas, signed by all four of the authors, plus each of us will add little swag. I have added a signed bookmark of Christmas Reflections along with a handmade bookmark.

To enter~

Download both free books and copy and paste your receipt number. If you have already purchased one or both books, then you will need to tag a person and that person must download both books and paste their receipt. Both you and your friend are then entered and you will have 2 entries.

Please paste all entires below in my comment section.

Winner will be chosen by Random.