Chocolate Trifle

DSCF0819I’d show you a picture of how absolutely amazing my chocolate trifle looked but, as you can see from the empty casserole dish, there wasn’t a single crumb left after my book club tasted it.

The recipe for this incredibly easy, pretty fast to make dessert sensation is here at Taste of Home. For the record, half this recipe (one 9 inch cake, 1/2 the pudding, 1/2 the whipped cream and 2 Skor bars) filled this dish to the top and seven of us devoured it in one sitting.  I think you need a proper trifle dish to contain the wonder of a full recipe version.

Fresh raspberries on the side are a lovely garnish.

One of the women wants to try a variation of adding cherry pie filling as a layer between the chocolate pudding and the whipped cream to make a Black Forest trifle. I think the decadence would make my head explode.