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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Red heart isolated on white background

To all the lovers and their significant others, I wish you a happy, fun, romantic St. Valentine’s Day.

To all the single ladies (and men) who are out there looking for love, feel free to use any of my heroes or heroines as you book boyfriends and girlfriends today,  and for a long as you want.

To all of you who aren’t looking for somebody at the moment, have a good day, and go for the discount chocolate tomorrow!

Happy New Year

2016 was a challenging year on many levels. But you did it – you made it through all 366 days! So burn the calendar if it will make you feel better, and get ready for 2017. I have high hopes. I know it will be the usual rollercoaster ride, but I’m hoping for more highs than lows for everybody.

Do you have any resolutions? I’m going to speak up more. (Not just chatter more, much to the relief of my friends and family, but stand up for myself and others.) That single resolution  is so big, I think it’ll just make the one this year.

Whatever you decide to do in 2017, and however you decide to ring in the new year, I wish you much joy, good luck, and success in the next 365 days.

Christmas And New Year Holiday Table Setting. Celebration

Merry Christmas

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. Wherever you are, and whether you are with friends and family today, or are on your own, you deserve a wonderful day and a treat or dozen if you can manage.

Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas tree made from gift boxes with different flags

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey,  you!  You over there, reading this.  I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, because you are pretty darn cute. And funny. Don’t forget smart. You’ve got it all, my friend!

Lust in the Wind

I explored my artistic side last night. My good friend Lori found something called “Paint Nite” and we decided to try it out. You pay your fee, go to the bar, buy yourself a drink, and you are provided with everything you need to paint a picture. Considering I failed art in middle school I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

Here is the sample painting from Talia Keyton:

Lust in the Wind - Talia Keyton






And here is what I ended up with (after only one white cranberry mimosa):






Pretty good considering we had white, red, blue and black paint to work with. It was a really good time with a great friend. And I’d definitely go to another Paint Nite, although they seem to be sold out months in advance.

I was very nervous going in. I knew nobody was going to laugh at me, but I was still scared I’d embarrass myself. Then I said to myself, “Thelma,” –sometimes I call myself Thelma — “Thelma,” I said, “you just go for it and paint what you want to paint and it will all work out in the end.”

And it did.

Non-repeatable Phenomenon

fortune-favors-the-bold-virgilI recently wrote a post about the Sharknado trilogy and what it takes to make a fun monster movie. But what elevated Sharknado above its contemporaries – such classics as Two-Headed Shark Attack and Mega-Piranha? The answer is a Hollywood term called a “non-repeatable phenomenon”.

How it translates to non-industry people is “we have no freaking clue why this one took off and we haven’t managed to duplicate the success of it yet”.

Everybody knows what a movie formula is. Most blockbusters follow it with a checklist. Series like Fast and Furious and James Bond have refined it to a “T”. Audiences liked what they saw the first time, and the movies producers reproduced it with only enough chances to keep it from being identical. Series are vital for movie studios, which is why if a movie does even slightly well, you can be the next year you are going to see the same title with a number after it.

But then you have the weird ones, the movies nobody expected to make a splash. The quiet ones like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which left producers scratching their heads, counting the box office take, and asking “how can we do that again?”

The truth is, most of the time they can’t. The movie hit with audiences because of a combination of actor chemistry, an entertaining story, the phase of the moon and whether or not anything else was in the news cycle. MBFGW owes its success to the word of mouth of people who wandered into a quiet theatre instead of one filled with explosions and fell in love with a Greek girl and her overbearing family. TBEMH came out with a star-studded line-up that appealed to the often-ignored 50+ demographic. (They did make a sequel to TBEMH; lightning did not strike twice.)

Then there was Sharknado. Nobody still has any clue why Sharknado hit like it did. Social media had a lot to do with it. It got picked up on Twitter and took off. Not because, unlike my previous examples, it was a beautiful, brilliant story but because it was So. Freaking. Bad. But bad in an entertaining way. It was exactly what people needed on that particular Thursday night.

It was not the first shark-monster movie, nor has it been the last but something about it has fans loving it. There is just something that the imitators don’t have. And the producers didn’t stray too far for the sequels. They not only hit all the checkboxes, they hit them with nuclear weapons and had no shame doing it. People watched to be entertained but also so they could mock it relentlessly. That is part of the movie’s appeal. In this case it work.

Sharknado 3: Oh, hell no! aired two weeks ago. The producers littered the commercial breaks with ads for Lavalantula. Instead of sharks and tornados, they are trying to replicate Sharknado’s success with volcanoes and tarantulas. It was entertaining enough for what it was, but there was no spark of originality. They tried to plug different monsters and heroes into the same script and while we were dumb enough to watch and enjoy the original, we weren’t fooled again. Sharknado is the definition of a non-repeatable phenomenon.

Unless you’re talking about other sharknados.