Camptown Races

Last night I did something I haven’t done for years – I went to the racetrack. It was a perfect night at Assiniboia Downs: the temperature was warm enough to be out in the stands without a jacket even though we were sheltered from the sun, there were no mosquitos, and the exterior lights didn’t come on till the last race, and even then it was still light out when I walked to my car after the eighth and final race.

I got my race card and set about my evening. I showed up with twenty bucks in my pocket – about what I would spend for an evening at the movies for a ticket, a drink and a chocolate bar.  I proceeded to bet it all over the evening’s races. I looked at the horse’s records, at the jockey, at the odds. And in the end, I made my bets with a system that was just as good as any other:

I chose my horses by whether or not their names sounded like romance novel titles.

It worked – to an extent. I bet $20.00 and left with $11.40 (which covered the Nuburger, formerly Unburger, “Tropic Thunder” chicken burger I’d bought for lunch.) For the record, the horses I made money on were named “Silent Tycoon”, “Prince Marc”, and “Yvon’s Dixie Melody”.

I think that is a pretty impressive record. If I go back before another 15 years passes, I might try it again because apparently you can’t go very wrong betting on love.

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    1. Elle Post author

      It’s a fun evening. I wouldn’t want to do it again in a hurry but it could be a once a year thing, easily.

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