Bring it on

 My timing is exceptional, if not last-minute. My house is completely winterized and just in time. The first snow-that-stuck arrived last week. The day before I did the last of my outdoor chores.

I hung the birdfeeders in places I could see from my windows because I like watching the variety of birds in my neighbourhood. (I even got different styles of feeders and seed so I could attract different types of birds.) I think next year I need to get another post so I can hang out outside my kitchen window too.

I also finally cleaned out my gutters. Unfortunately, some of the gunk was frozen to the bottom of the eavestroughs but I cleared out enough loose leaves so that the water can run when thaws again… in March. What a depressing thought.

My shovels are at the backdoor and have been used 4 times already. My gate is working so far – I really hope it doesn’t get frost heaved again this year so I have to leave it open all the time. My extension cord for my block heater is plugged in and is waiting for its first use of the season which, from the sounds of it, will be tonight.

The only thing I didn’t do this year was buy and put up new Christmas lights. I had to save something for next year.

Are you ready for winter? If not, get on it. It’s only going to get worse from here on out.