Books, books, books! (for charity)

book_market_logoHey, Winnipeggers! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Forget playoffs. The Children’s Hospital Book Market is on this week at St. Vital Centre. I wait all year for this. Last year I dropped $50 on JD Robb paperbacks. This year – who knows?All I know is that you can’t go wrong with books this cheap.

Go! Buy books! Help sick kids!

One thought on “Books, books, books! (for charity)

  1. J.H.

    I love the Children’s Hospital Book Market. It’s evil, but in a good way. Isn’t it ordinarily over two weekends, though? We went on the last day and things were pretty picked over. Not a single good true crime to be had. 🙁

    It’s also evil that Chapters is at the end, so you can get everything you couldn’t find at the sale.

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