Book vs Movie

ZooI’ve really been enjoying the summer TV series Zoo, based on the book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. And, as an avid reader, I decided to check out the source material. The book is almost always better than the movie (or TV show, in this case), and considering how good the show is, I thought I’d scored a winner.

Disclosure: I haven’t read a James Patterson book since he started using co-writers. And I’d only read a couple of his stories before that. So while I knew the name, I didn’t know the writer.

It turns out that Zoo is one of the few instances where I enjoyed the screen version better than the original written material. I liked the changes made to the characters, the images on the screen better than the description on the page, and the style of storytelling better than JP’s signature writing style.

I’m having trouble remembering the last time this happened. It’s rare when I find a movie to be as good as a book, let alone better. I’m betting it was another mini-series or full-length series rather than a movie. Two hours (three if you stretch it) doesn’t seem to be enough time to properly tell the story of a 400 page novel.

I’m not counting the movies I’ve seen that have inspired me to read the source material (Dune, the Lord of the Rings trilogy). I’m talking about being better than the book.

What have you watched that was better than the book?