The wolf pack: Logan (Michael Xavier), Clay (Greyston Holt), Elena (Laura Vandervoort), Jeremy (Greg Bryk), Nick (Steve Lund)

The wolf pack: Logan (Michael Xavier), Clay (Greyston Holt), Elena (Laura Vandervoort), Jeremy (Greg Bryk), Nick (Steve Lund)

I have a new obsession, or rather a new version of an old obsession.

Several years ago I found the “Women of the Otherworld” series by Kelley Armstrong. The women are everything: werewolves, psychics, demons, witches.  But I have a soft spot for werewolves and those are the books I like best. Fortunately for me, some very wise people in TV-land agree with me.

The book: I reread it for the first time in years and rediscovered a pet peeve – it’s written in the first person. Aside from that, it was all the wonderful things I remembered. Elena Michaels was in love with her fiancé Clayton Danvers and he took her home to New York state to meet his family. Then he bit her and turned her into a werewolf without her knowledge or permission. She spent the next ten years in a love/hate relationship with him because of her struggles with her new furry side until she was called back from Toronto and her new fiancé to deal with a threat to the pack, at which time she made her final decision on her feelings for and future with Clay.

Read the book. It’s fantastic.

The show: We are halfway through the season, which is based on the book. They’ve made some casting changes. Clay is twelve years younger than in the book, Jeremy isn’t half-Japanese, and certain characters haven’t died and other ones have. They’ve also incorporated Elena’s life in Toronto into a whole new subplot (I have my theories that would set up a really amazing second season but that’s all they are: theories. Please note this requires a second season.) The core of the story is there: Clayton and Elena’s history, the choice she has to make, and the threat against the pack.

I’m loving the show. Tune in on Saturdays on Space and Mondays on SyFy.

I knew Greg Bryk would rock as Jeremy; he has the quietly bad-ass thing going on (not to mention I’ve been a big fan since his ReGenesis days.) I wasn’t sure of how Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) would handle Elena but she has the intensity down. Greyston Holt was a new face for me but he is doing a fantastic job as lovelorn werewolf enforcer Clay. Steve Lund is new to me as well to but he is very much the book Nicholas (and that’s a good thing.) I can’t say too much about Michael Xavier without spoilers but he’s doing great things as Logan.  Even the big bad wolves are a lot of fun.

I’ll probably post again about the show once it’s finished its current run (we are halfway through the first season) but if the networks are paying attention, I’d like season 2 immediately if not sooner please.

So, read the book and watch the show. You’ll be sorry if you miss them.

2 thoughts on “Bitten

  1. Crystal Bourque

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to give the books a read! Working my way through a few TV shows right now, so that will have to wait a bit. I tend to like to read the books first anyway!

    1. Elle Post author

      It’ll be worth the wait, Crystal. I hope it gets a second season. The books are great too – I’m rereading the series because of the show.

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