Best toy ever

USB 3.0 Card Reader #PG-SD3191  Let me tell you about my sad life before I found out about the best toy ever. When I took a picture with my digital camera, I had to take the memory card to Walmart, then I had to get a CD made, then I had to load the CD into my laptop, then I had to download the images off the CD onto my hard-drive. It got even more complicated when I got my new laptop, which does not have a CD player. Then I had to add the additional steps of transferring from my old laptop to a memory stick and then loading that onto my new laptop.

I was bemoaning the fact that I had pictures I couldn’t share because of all these steps and a friend said, “You know, you could get a card reader.”

Why did nobody tell me about this sooner? I got my hands on one as soon as I could and my photos downloaded off my card like magic! No more trips to Wallyworld, no more extra costs. It is awesome. Now I need more things to photograph.

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