BEAR WITH ME – out next month!


Every writer you’ll ever meet has a goal. Being in an anthology was one of mine. I am very excited to announce that my short story “Bear With Me” is going to be released as part of the “Beneath a Spring Moon” collection from Liquid Silver Books.

I’ve had a sneak peak at the three other stories and they are hot and feature shifters of all sorts.

I decided to go in a different direction with “Bear With Me” and set it up with a sci-fi twist instead of a supernatural one.

Bartholomew “Bear” Cain had a run-in with a meteorite show that turned him into a grizzly. The shift threatened his sanity. Then meth-head poachers threatened his life. When conservation officer Manon Martin discovers him in the woods, she becomes the biggest threat of all – to his heart.

Look for a sneak peak early next month!