beans 1Beans are my favourite fresh from the garden vegetable. They are delicious and easy to cook. In fact, I even blanched and froze some green beans last year, and it was like having fresh beans all winter.

This year, because of my broken foot, I didn’t get my garden in until July 2. Realistically, that is too late for anything. But beans grow and mature so quickly, I had time to get them in. So I did. I planted an entire garden plot full of nothing but green beans.

In nursery school, beans are what the kids plant to learn about how things grow. Mostly, because beans are very quick to sprout. Give it 1-2 weeks, and they are up. And you can watch them see too, they do it so quickly.  The above picture is was taken about noon on Tuesday.  The picture below was taken at 9am on Wednesday.  Honestly, it’s pretty cool to watch.

beans 2There is one problem with planting an entire box of seeds at the same time, and not staggering them by three weeks like I intended. They are all going to ripen at the same time. So, in about 5 weeks, if you are in my end of town and want some fresh beans, stop by. Even with all the blanching I’m going to do, I’m going to have lots left over.  Lots.