1st day of fall

Summer in Winnipeg had some good points. It also had day after day of grey crud clouding up our bright prairie skies.

I should be surprised that the first day of fall (yesterday) was one of the warmest this year. I got to do some driving through residential areas and the leaves are starting to turn.

I am working like a dog this morning to get my work done so I can go for a long walk this afternoon with my camera to capture some of nature’s glorious displays. I don’t want all I remember about fall to be afternoons of raking. I want to revel in the yellows and reds and the last of the greens.

When you are driving home from work this week, take a minute to pull off your thoroughfare and toodle down a residential street for a few blocks, open up your car windows, look up and breathe in.

We’ve got a great fall going on. Get out and enjoy it for as long as we’ve got it.